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WinCRASH has been developed as micro computer assistance
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ARSoftware™ for Windows™ is pleased to announce WinCRASH, formerly known as SLAM for Windows™. WinCRASH has been developed as micro computer assistance for the knowledgeable reconstructionist. It cannot replace the experience and training of the analyst, however, it is a powerful aid to analysis as it frees time from tedious calculation and allows the user to test many more assumptions than would be possible by hand or by calculator.

WinCRASH is based on the work sponsored by NHTSA in the development of the CRASH3 computer program. Like CRASH3, WinCRASH can also compute speed change from damage profiles and calculate linear momentum solutions based on impact and rest positions.

WinCRASH uses the standard sign conventions and symbols established by NHTSA. For the new user, the program and comprehensive user's manual will open the door to the power of computer aided reconstruction.

An important concept used in collision analysis is DELTA-V or COLLISION SPEED CHANGE during the impact phase. Not only is this concept important for an understanding of vehicle dynamics during collision, but it is an indispensable parameter for the determination of occupant dynamics and injury potential.

WinCRASH provides a capability that generates screen and printer MOMENTUM DIAGRAMS for both the CRUSH DERIVED SPEED CHANGE and the LINEAR MOMENTUM SPEED CHANGE. Consistency between the solutions will be graphically apparent.

The user can also see graphic screen displays of the input data immediately upon entry as a visual check of the signs and magnitudes.

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